November 16 - 23, 2019 in Brasov and Iasi

Do you want to understand HOW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is born? Want to know its limits? Do you want to understand what a SmartCity is and what its role really is? So what are you waiting for? You have the SmartCamp!


About the Event

Digitalization and artificial intelligence are part of our daily lives, whether we like it or not, but very few of us wonder what artificial intelligence means and how it can be used.
Although it may seem trivial, many of us use state-of-the-art phones, but without using them to their full potential, realizing that INSIDE it is a small part of artificial intelligence in that device.
Artificial Intelligence & Digitization = a nice tandem of malleable strangers that can turn chaos into something rigorously organized, minimizing unexpected workload.
Although it seems complicated, it is very easy to use artificial intelligence in our favor, making our work more efficient, but not limited to this.
Artificial intelligence and the areas in which it can be used are highly developed, from office activities to medical, but especially educational.
Digital education is becoming more and more common, and SmartCamp is one of the events dedicated to the promotion of artificial intelligence and digitalization, an event that aims to be an educational and interactive one, without age limits.
Whether you are a dwarf, a parent or a grandparent, at SmartCamp you learn how to use artificial intelligence in your favor, and if you are a company, you learn with us how to make your work and employees more efficient with artificial intelligence and digitalization, learn how to have always handy important documents, even when you need them, everything in an interactive, educational event, NEW in Romania!
Rezervă-ți din timp un loc la unul din evenimentele noastre din Brașov și Iași și fii parte din cel mai nou concept de digitalizare lansat în România în parteneriat cu Asociația de Digitalizare a Urbanismului!


Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brașov


November 16, 2019 | Saturday | 9am - 7pm


Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iași


November 23, 2019 | Saturday | 9am - 7pm

SmartCamp is one of those events that you never want to end. 100% interactive, this event gives you the opportunity to initiate direct discussions with guests, to simulate with guests situations where artificial intelligence is the only viable solution.

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Agenda of the Event



Stefan Tecuceanu

Vadim Cușnir

Founder - Social media în culise

Cosmin Daraban

CEO & Co Founder Gomag

Diana Lefter

CEO & Founder at Agileroo

Gabi Dumitriu

The Blockchain buddy

Ion Comendant

Eugeniu Topolschi

Cristian Voicilă

Werner Braun

Industry 4.0

Nicolae Ontiu

Realitatea Augmentata

Vio Urda

Dendro IT

Aurelian Cotuna

Revolutia digitala in business

Project ADU - MeetPlace

Alin Oltean

Priza Smart


About Organizers

Asociația de Digitalizare a Urbanismului are ca scop optimizarea și eficientizarea procedurilor tehnice și administrative sau de natură conexă privind înregistrarea digitalizata și arhivarea documentelor atât la nivelul instituțiilor statului, cât și la nivelul organizațiilor guvernamentale și non-guvernamentale, cu precădere în zona de urbanism și nu numai.

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Brașov event

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brașov, ROMANIA
November 16, 2019


Iași Event

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iași, ROMANIA
November 23, 2019


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