Eveniment încheiat la Iași

23 NOIEMBRIE, 2019 în Iași

Do you want to understand HOW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is born? Want to know its limits? Do you want to understand what a SmartCity is and what its role really is? So what are you waiting for? You have the SmartCamp!

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Desfășurătorul evenimentului la Iași

Eveniment încheiat

Speakerii evenimentului de la Iași

Stefan Tecuceanu

Vadim Cușnir

Founder - Social media în culise

Cosmin Daraban

CEO & Co Founder Gomag

Diana Lefter

CEO & Founder at Agileroo

Gabi Dumitriu

The Blockchain buddy

Ion Comendant

Eugeniu Topolschi

Cristian Voicilă

Iași Event

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iași, ROMANIA
November 23, 2019


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